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LSTV can help advertise your business to thousands of people. LSTV has limited time space for your television commercial or banner ad.  We can help promote your business, events, or products. Join today and be at the top of our list of LSTV supporters to receive the below limited time special offer.

The online TV market is one of the fastest growing formats. Your products and services can be viewed by thousands of people around the world. Limited spots for those who request the special come on a first come first serve basis with the chance to renew your contract on a monthly basis.

LSTV offers promotional packages to meet your business needs.

If you are an author, event coordinator, filmmaker, photographer, publicist, television show or have other products and services, LSTV can create an advertising package that is affordable and effective.

Advertising options include:

* * * Discount Packages * * *

We offer the following advertising discounts on monthly fees: 3-month commitment: 10% off; 6-month commitment: 15% off; 12-month commitment: 20% off.

Commercial Package
1 Minute Ad =$250 for production of a 1 minute ad advertising your business, product, or service. Commercial may contain video, images, and sound.  You may waive this fee by creating your own commercial advertisement 1 minute in length.  First months fee = $125 to run your commercial 24/7 in the daily ad rotation for one month.

Church Program Rates
LSTV will provide 1 hour commercial free program space for $45 per week.  Your program will be available on demand and put in rotation during non-live program hours. We will archive your program for a 14 day period. (We recommend you download your program for future reference or use)

Display Banner Ads
Display Banner Ads appear left of chat room on viewing page. We offer rotating banner ads throughout the web site. The size of display banners are: 166X166. Rectangular ads may be 166 width and under 166 pixels height. File format must be JPG or GIF. Side-display banner ad packages are $45 per month!

Top-Display Banner Ads
LSTV displays 24/7 as well as interactive live events! New content is added daily which insures the maximum number of return visitors. We will only serve up a limited amount of top-display banner ads per month to ensure that each top-display banner ad is given maximum coverage daily. We offer rotating banner ads throughout the web site. The size of top-display banners are: 250X188=$75 350x188=$125 or full page top display banner ad 600x188 = $125. File format must be JPG or GIF.

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