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  • Mel Minitor * A Brand New Day W&M-1-25-15

  • Mel Minitor * Another False Flag W&M-1-11-15

  • Mel Minitor * What Was... What IS  W&M-1-4-15

  • Mel Minitor * 2014 Review & Things to come in 2015   W&M-12-28-14

  • Mel Minitor * It's about Christmas W&M-12-21-14

  • Dannion Brinkley & Mel Minitor * 2014 Review & A look at 2015   W&M-12-7-14

  • Mel Minitor * There is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim  W&M-11-30-14

  • Mel Minitor * Coming Under Attack in Muslim Areas.... Coming to a City Near You!  W&M-11-23-14

  • Mel Minitor * Would Jesus be arrested in Fort Lauderdale W&M-11-16-14

  • Mel Minitor * 90 year old, Arrested for Feeding the Homeless  W&M-11-9-14

  • Mel Minitor * Your Fingerprints Don't belong to you... Ask De Government  W&M-11-2-14

  • Mel Minitor * Making a Political Statement... Just How Dumb Are Some?  W&M-10-26-14

  • Mel Minitor * Cyber-Security, You are so Screwed  W&M-10-19-14

  • Mel Minitor * The HOAX is ALSO a HOAX - EBOLA The Real Truth W&M-10-12-14

  • Mel Minitor * Being The Difference... A Tribute to Rev. Dr. Melvin Minitor Sr. W&M-9-28-14

  • Mel Minitor * Millions WILL DIE from Ebola Outbreak W&M-14-14

  • Mel Minitor * Do You Think You Are Safe?  W&M-9-7-14

  • Mel Minitor * ISIS vs ISIL - Do you know the difference?  W&M-8-31-14

  • Mel Minitor * Political Correctness Gone Wrong... Again!!  W&M-8-24-14-a and W&M-24-14-b

  • Dannion Brinkley & Mel Minitor * Prophecy W&M-8-17-14

  • Mel Minitor * Iraqui Christians Flee Mosul after Jihadist Ultimatum W&M-8-10-14

  • Mel Minitor * Ebola, Is There A Cure or Treatment?  W&M-8-3-14

  • Ken Litfin & Mel Minitor * Did You Know? 6 More Dead Scientist after MH17 Being Shot Down  W&M-7-20-14

  • Ken  & Mel Minitor *  VETERAN waiting to die as VA Directs Wife to Voicemail  W&M-7-13-14

  • Mel Minitor * Why Don't These Americans Know What Independence Day Is? W&M-7-6-14

  • Ken Litfin & Mel Minitor * UN Plans to Disarm Americans! They Are Now Hiring! W&M-6-29-14

  • Mel Minitor * Seizing Your Funds *   W&M-6-15-14 Seg. 1   W&M-6-15-14 Seg. 2    W&M-6-15-14  Seg. 3    W&M-6-15-14 Seg. 4

  • Dannion Brinkley & Mel Minitor * DANNION UNPLUGGED   W&M-6-8-14  Note there are sound issues the first 10 mins of show.. we are working on that!!

  • Dannion Brinkley, Reb Sutherland & Mel Minitor * What Condition Our Condition Is In W&M-3-16-14 (Note Black Screen first 1 1/2 mins.)

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