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 Channel 1

Words & Music - Sun. 7-9 pmChannel 1
Join Ken Litfin & Mel Minitor each week for non-mainstream news!  The news Main Stream does not want you to know!  See music videos from today and yesterday and a positive message of hope.
You never know who we will have in the studio!!
Voices Carry Radio Show - Wed. 8-10 pmChannel 3

 The newest Paranormal/Supernatural Radio Station. Hosts are MAMA LISA and TERRY TODD. Bring you LAUGHTER, LOVE And LIFE . VOICES CARRY, picks up where other paranormal stations leaves off We entertain, educate and uplift you!


"VOICES CARRY" Radio show is Hosted by Mama Lisa and Terry Todd Mama Lisa is a gifted psychic, and Terry Todd has studied Demonology for 30+ years, Together they bring a wealth of information and LAUGHTER, LOVE and LIFE!

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